My name is Richard Mueller. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, but most of my professional life has been in Information Technology - programming, computer support, network management, budgeting, project management, software deployment, and desktop configuration for a large electric utility. I supported interconnected Novell networks at 13 scattered sites for over a decade. I used batch file programs and logon scripts to manage the network, configure desktops, inventory hardware and network usage, and deploy applications, patches, and configuration changes.

Since 2000 I have been coding logon scripts and network administration programs using ADSI, VBScript, PowerShell, and Visual Basic for Windows networks with Active Directory. I helped install, configure, and support a Windows Active Directory network for a grade school. I also have learned a great deal participating in the Microsoft newsgroups and forums. I am constantly amazed at the different situations presented by the participants and the knowledgeable people I encounter. In 2003 I was named by Microsoft as an MVP (Most Valuable Professional). I've been renamed every year since. I was last named in July 2017. My MVP profile is here: Richard L. Mueller

I am active in the Microsoft Forums, TechNet Wiki, and TechNet Gallery. My username on the Microsoft site is "Richard Mueller". I am most active in the following TechNet Forums: "The Official Scripting Guys Forum", "Directory Services", "Windows PowerShell", "Windows Server 2012 General", and "Windows Server General". I am a moderator in "The Official Scripting Guys Forum", "Forums Issues", "MSDN and TechNet Profile and Recognition System Discussions", "Where is the Forum For...?", and "TechNet Wiki Discussion" forums. My Microsoft MSDN/TechNet profile is linked here: mueller/?ws=usercard-inline

I have a TechNet Wiki user page linked here: Richard Mueller

I am on the Microsoft TechNet Wiki Community Council, the TechNet Wiki Advisory Board, and the MVP Forums Advisory Council. I also judge new Wiki articles in the monthly TechNet Wiki Guru contests.

The TechNet Wiki pages I have published are linked here: TechNet Wiki Pages

The TechNet Gallery scripts I have published are linked here: TechNet Gallery Scripts