VBScript program demonstrating various functions to convert byte array attribute values into various formats. These functions are used with attributes with syntax OctetString and Sid. This includes attributes such as netbootGUID, objectGUID, objectSID, sidHistory, and tokenGroups. The functions in the program are:

Function OctetToHexStr
     Converts any OctetString (byte array) to hex string.

Function HexGUIDToDisplay
     Converts GUID value in hex format to display format.

Function DisplayGUIDToEscapedHex
     Converts GUID value from display string to escaped hex
     format (every byte escaped with a backslash).

Function HexSIDToDec
     Converts most hex SID values to decimal format.

Function DecSIDToHex
     Converts SID value from decimal to hex format.

Function ReverseHex
     Reverses hex bytes. Used by Function DecSIDToHex.

ByteArrayFunctions.txt <<-- Click here to view or download the program