VBScript program to create a text file listing the names of all users in the domain. The file contains the Distinguished Name of each user, one name per line. The Distinguished Name uniquely specifies each object in Active Directory. The Distinguished Name includes the "cn" attribute (Common Name), the container or Organizational Unit the user object resides in, and the complete DNS domain name.

The program can be used to create a text file of users to be used by other programs that set properties or perform other administrative tasks on many users at once. For example, this program creates a list of users that can be used with the program SetPWForUserList2.vbs. The text file should be reviewed and edited to make sure it only includes users that should be modified.

Unless the users to be modified are in a group or Organizational Unit, it is much better to use a text list of users. This makes it easier to eliminate built-in accounts, administrators, guest accounts, etc. You can also troubleshoot the program with a short list of test users, then run the program again on the remaining users. In some cases, you might want to run the program several times on blocks of users. Text lists of users are much easier to manage.

CreateUserList2.txt <<-- Click here to view or download the program