This VBScript program determines if a specified program is running on any of a group of computers. If the program is found to be running on any of the computers, it is terminated. This might be necessary if many computers run the program from a centralized location and you need to upgrade the executable. Or, you might need to make sure the program is not running at a certain time, such as during backups. If you need to consider all computers in the domain, you can specify the Domain Computers group.

The program prompts for the NetBIOS name of a domain group. The NameTranslate object is used to convert this to the Distinguished Name of the group. All computer objects that are members of the group will be considered. User and group members are ignored. Then the program prompts for the name of the program. This should be the full name of the executable, such as "notepad.exe". The program enumerates all computer members of the domain group, pings each to make sure it is available, then connects to each computer with WMI. The Win32_Process class is used to query for instances of the specified program running on each computer. If any instances are found, they are terminated.

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