VBScript program demonstrating how to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to display a message box to the user that indicates progress in the program. The message changes as the program runs. The user can close the message box and the program can detect this and take appropriate action.

The program will not function correctly if Windows Script Host (WSH) is not at least version 5.1. This is because the Wscript.Sleep command is used to pause execution. The subroutine checks the WSH version before using the Wscript.Sleep command, but the main program depends on the command being available.

No way has been found to bring the message box to the front, on top of other windows. The user will probably need to do this manually.

IEDisplay.txt <<-- Click here to view or download the program

A PowerShell script demonstrating how to use Internet Explorer in a similar way is also available.

PSIEDisplay.txt <<-- Click here to view or download the program