How to find answers to your ADSI scripting questions.

Suggested references.

Useful links.

ADSI script troubleshooting tips.

Issues to consider when transitioning from VBScript to PowerShell.

Spreadsheets documenting Active Directory attributes.

Discussion of Integer8 Attributes, including an inaccuracy discovered in the HighPart and LowPart methods used to deal with these values in VBScript.

Tips on using ADO to search Active Directory, including operators that can be used, and example filters to retrieve information on objects meeting your criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions about the NameTranslate object.

Comparing the relative performance of the IADsNameTranslate interface and ADO for converting NT format names (sAMAccountName values) into Distinguished Names.

Comparing the relative performance of PowerShell and VBScript to retrieve values from Active Directory.

Comparing the account expiration date shown in ADUC with the AccountExpirationDate property method and the accountExpires attribute.

How PowerShell, and .NET Framework, datetime values differ from Active Directory dates represented by Integer8 values (64-bit integers).

Microsoft TechNet Wiki pages I have published. They deal with Active Directory, LDAP, PowerShell, scripting, or the TechNet Wiki itself.

Microsoft TechNet Gallery scripts I have published. They deal with Active Directory, editing Wiki articles, and TechNet Wiki Summit presentations.