Search the Microsoft website - The Microsoft website has many good sources of information to answer questions on ADSI, VBScript, Active Directory, Windows Server, and other Microsoft technologies. The main site is Enter a search string in the search box on the main page to find information on any topic. You can search on attribute names, for example, to find useful information. The Windows Server home page is at:

Search the Microsoft Forums - The Microsoft Forums, at, are excellent sources of information. The chances are good that your question has been asked before. Among the forums to check out are:

The Official Scripting Guys Forum:

Directory Services Forum:

Windows Server General Forum:

Windows PowerShell Forum:

Besides browsing these for recent postings, you can use the search functions. It may take awhile to figure out the best words to search on, but you can find information here not availably elsewhere.

Post a question in a Microsoft Forum - Keep your question brief and to the point. Try to include a code snippet that demonstrates your problem, without lots of unrelated detail. It would be best to alter personal or site specific information in the code. Try to have one question per posting, but no question is too simple. If your are getting an error message, indicate which line raises the error. Most error messages include the line number, but other people cannot tell which line that corresponds to unless you indicate.

Check out Links and References - Check out some of the sites on the Links page of this site. Also, the books listed on the References page are excellent learning resources.